Something More

I see you where you are hiding behind your smart remarks and thick ego.  I see you where you taunt yourself, thinking that everything is ok and that there is nothing missing, when deep down you have a hole in your heart that is exponentially growing.  I can hear your cries and desperation to be held like a child, coddled and kissed by the calming words, “everything will be ok, you are loved.”  You thirst for more than you have and you don’t even allow yourself to admit it.  You want to be accepted, you need to find purpose but you are too afraid to ask, to ask those around you for a hand up instead of a hand out because you don’t want to be carried through life, you want to prove yourself and your competence.  Hush, slow your thoughts, it is ok, the world will keep spinning 1,040 miles an hour and you will continue to feel dizzy because you feel you are only standing still but wait… stop for a minute… you are traveling with the Earth, you are moving forward in life whether you like it or not.  Time waits for no person, it does not have a conscience and takes little to no pity on those at the end of the race.  Keep steady, it is a marathon after all.



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