Not a Typical Love Story

Once upon a time, a boy liked a girl and the girl was oblivious.  She lived her day without care for the future, without hopes and dreams to even meet a guy who thought she was worth anything.  She never saw that she was beautiful because she wasn’t beautiful like the girls on TV.  The boy could see past her reservations and believed whole heatedly that he would marry this girl one day.  The girl found comfort in relationships that were broken by abusive confrontations and demoralizing acts behind closed doors.  The boy that loved her sweetness and her pure heart hated that she couldn’t see the treasure that she was.  The boy never told her that he loved her because he didn’t want her to think all he wante was her body, because that’s all she had ever had in a relationship.  Instead, he loved her as a friend, he held her as she cried in his arms and never asked for anything in return.  One day, the girl saw her battered arms and blackened eyes in the mirror and decided that she could never find happiness in this world.  In that moment she began filling the tub and took a couple sleeping pills.  She stepped into the tub and breathed her last heavy breath before she was submerged into the water.  She didn’t find love when it was right in front of her because she never thought she deserved it.  If you think you are worthless than that is what you will become.  It is important to love others and accept and recognize the people that love you because love is what carries us through the abuse and self hatred and unbearable pain that the world will hit you with.


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