Elizabeth Town

Elizabeth Town starring Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom is a movie that I saw for the first time a couple weeks ago and still cannot help but write this post.  I gave myself time to soothe it over, decide if it was really worth a rant, and finally I can’t help but purge this from my system: one of the worst Rom-Com’s I have ever seen!  I really am not very critical of Rom-Coms, I fall under basic American girl when it comes to watching chick-flicks, as long as the two main characters end up happily, with a great sound track to accommodate the romance, I’m a happy camper.  BUT THIS MOVIE WAS UNBEARABLE!  Besides the awkward acting, Orlando Bloom’s very simply written character, and a lack of a plot, the movie was almost made redeemable by the last scene of the movie… but alas, it was not meant to be.

elizabeth townPhoto found at Happy 10th Anniversary to Elizabethtown, the Worst Movie Ever



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