6 Years

By Fernanda Lopez

6 Years is the perfect movie to blast quotes all along an angsty teenagers Tumblr page. Other then that, there isn’t much to it. Directed and written by Hannah Fidell, the film revolves around the downfall of the toxic relationship between Mel, Taissa Farmiga, and Dan, Ben Rosenfield. Standing at an hour and nineteen minutes, the movie is watchable but not enjoyable. For a couple that has been together for 6 years, there is a lack of chemistry between the two actors making the sex scenes uncomfortable to get through. This may also be due to the melodramatic writing making the characters difficult to be sympathetic towards and cringe worthy to listen to. It does have some redeeming qualities. Taissa and Ben do their best with the script they were given. In true indie movie fashion, the film’s cinematography is superb. But that is pretty much it. If you’ve seen anything related to this movie on Tumblr, which you most likely have, you’ve seen all you need to.


🐳🐳/ 🐳🐳 🐳🐳 🐳


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