Revenge of the Bridesmaids

By Krystina Owens

If you’re like me, then you may be already feeling bogged down and tired from classes and homework assignments. It’s sad really that I already feel so stressed and I haven’t even finished a full week of classes yet, but each semester of college is different, and sometimes it’s just plain tough to get through! Luckily Netflix is always there when your brain craves a much needed break time, and if you’re looking for a relaxing, forget-about-your-worries kind of story, Revenge of the Bridesmaids is for you.

The film Revenge of the Bridesmaids is not new to the Netflix library-in fact, I remember watching it probably five years ago for the first time. Yet the other day, when searching for something light-hearted and funny to watch (I don’t know about you, but comedies always help relieve my stress) I came across it again in my queue, and remembered why I liked it so much.

Revenge of the Bridesmaids came out in the middle of the bridal comedy phase, following 2009’s Bride Wars and preceding 2011’s smash-hit Bridesmaids. Apparently, the idea of a wedding-gone-wrong was a secret comedy plot everyone secretly wanted to see, and it has been very successful in multiple re-imaging’s.  Revenge of the Bridesmaids is my personal favorite of the wedding trio due to its ridiculous stunts, relatable characters, and lovable story of friendship. First released on ABC Family in 2010, the film stars Raven Symone and Joanna Garcia as Abagail and Parker, two bridesmaids who secretly plot to break-up the wedding. The story centers around four childhood friends: Abagail, Parker, Rachel, and Caitlyn. Caitlyn, (Virginia Williams), has been spoiled rotten since birth, always getting what she wants thanks to her mean and controlling mother. As children, Abagail and Parker only put up with Caitlyn’s attitude because they loved the adventures they had at Caitlyn’s family estate. It was Rachel, Abagail, and Parker that were truly the inseparable trio. Now adults, Abagail and Parker live in New York, but when visiting their hometown in Louisiana, they are shocked to find that Caitlyn is engaged to Tony, Rachel’s ex-boyfriend and the man she is in love with. Rachel (Chryssie Whitehead), explains that she and Tony broke up after a fight. Tony and Caitlyn hooked up after the break-up and Caitlyn became pregnant, forcing Tony to step up and marry her. Rachel has agreed to be one of Caitlyn’s bridesmaids, but admits that she is still in love with Tony. Convinced that the story is not adding up, Parker and Abagail plot to go undercover as bridesmaids to discover what plan Caitlyn has really concocted. When they learn she is only interested in marrying Tony for his money, Abagail, Parker, and Rachel decide to join together to stop the wedding and bring Tony back to Rachel. The rest of the film follows the hilarious stunts pulled against the bride and her vicious mother as the inseparable trio plan to expose the truth behind the sham of a marriage.

Revenge of the Bridesmaids is definitely not an Oscar-worthy film; the budget is relatively low, the script is relatively simple and the characters are very one-dimensional. But if you’re watching the film for a laugh and purely for entertainment, then it delivers. Though the character’s aren’t very complex, the personality that they do convey is hysterical, especially Raven Symone’s sassy and sarcastic performance as Abagail. The plans to expose the bride are very silly but fun to watch play out and the reactions of the mother and bride are priceless. And the story leaves you with a satisfying end for all characters, leaving you with a “feel-good” ending full of romance and real friendship. Overall the movie is just a fun watch, and gives an interesting combination of Bride Wars and Bridesmaids that I think it pretty unique. It is definitely a suitable flick for a “girl’s night-in” movie, with a cute cop and a whole lot of feisty female power, and it’s the perfect movie when you just need a break from all that stressful schoolwork.


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