Starting at Home

By Natalie Davis

It is important to remember where you come from, and for this travel piece, I would like to recognize Arizona State University for being the first place that I found as a home away from home.  I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and I never thought I would ever want to stay in-state for college; I always dreamed of moving across the country and taking a drastic plunge into unchartered corners of our nation’s biggest cities.  I dreamed about New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Nashville, L.A., Austin, and I digress.  But I found myself feeling a void when I visited these places, unsure if it could be where I saw myself spending the most defining years of my life.

Little did I know that Tempe, Arizona would end up being my new home, a mere 90 miles away from where I took my first steps, had my first kiss, won my first volleyball game and worked at my first job. Arizona State University: 100,000 students, four campuses, career fairs left and right, internships up the wazoo, and friends that become family. This is where my journey has begun. Wells Fargo Arena is where I camped out for days before the football tickets were released, waking up at the crack of dawn the day of the game to claim our front row seats. Dean’s Patio is where I had my first coffee before class, with my current best friend and roommate, before we struggled in my first computer information systems class. SDFC Fields is where we won our first championship co-ed intramurals flag football game with my best friends playing right along side me. I could go on and on, and I would not even recognize where I started, but what I am trying to say is that I have found a million memories in one place. So when you look to travel, to branch out and discover yourself, recognize that it isn’t always about the places you go or even end up in, it is about the adventures you have with the people you met there.  It is the relationships you build that make the experience worthwhile and valuable, not always the immensity of the location.  I can’t wait for my next steps after I graduate from ASU and where they might take me!


Photo Credit to Jen Hucko



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