By Natalie Davis

Another day

Another dream

A dream that he dares to show his face

That he mocks her with his stare

With those eyes of blundering blue

So calm, but unaware.

Her feelings continue to waver in silence

And solitude.

He waits in the cold,

Frigid with both mind and body,

Consumed by his urges

To touch her face and hold her steady in his arms

Knowing her feelings

Like a beacon, calling him home.


Her eyes, once clear, were clouded

With uncertainty as he held her hands,

Kissed her cheeks

Roamed from her neck down to her shoulder.

She shivered at his touch

His hands were rough from hard days in the fields.

Her soft skin was irresistible to his touch.


Another day

Another dream

Another wakening to a bedroom that is empty.


But light fills the room with clarity and so begins a new day.

Another opportunity.




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