Adventures in Dirty 6th

By Natalie Davis

Photographs by Ethan Cowsky

The bar scene was CRAZY!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It wasn’t just the time of year, although Halloween could not have been a better time to show up at the Dirty 6th.  There were people crowding the street in full decked out costumes, ranging from body suits to hot dog outfits.  So many personalities and wonderful weirdness.  The night took us for a ride, and that wasn’t just the horse drawn carriage that we stumbled upon (sorry for the poor picture quality).


It was a wonderful trip, brought together with the fam-bam for my cousin’s wedding and it really was a reunion.  When my family gets together, there will be thunder brought down because we bring a storm of a laughter wherever we go!  The beautiful venue that my cousin’s wedding took place at gave me a whole new perspective to where I could see my life taking me, the simplicity of the venue, only miles away from the quake of the city’s life.  Not to mention the food!  Man!  Whether it is fried chicken at the world renown fried chicken spot, Gus’ World Famous Fried Chicken,  or southern barbeque at Cooper’s Pit Barbeque.

I would definitely move to Austin in a heartbeat, hands-down one of the best trips I have ever taken!





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