Rip, Sew, Return, Repeat

Growing up, I always experimented with clothes, thinking I was going to be a designer, creating all of the newest fads and styles.  I took sewing classes, learned how to embroider designs into handmade purses, and pillows, I practiced my skills at home and ripped up my clothes to start from scratch and build my own creations.  There were few cases where the clothes turned out better than they had started, and after ruining several of my shorts, I resigned to only work on clothes that needed fixing, not remodeling.

As an adult, I still practice my sewing skills but in a more practical and monetary way, by repairing and hemming clothes.  I have helped in many occasions to fix rips in jeans, sew back on buttons, adjust zippers and hem articles of clothing.  If you are in need of having your favorite pair of jeans or blouse repaired, send me a request on the Contact page!  I only charge $5.00 for a seam repair on shirts, dresses and blouses, and $8.00 for repairs or hemming of each pair of pants.  The money for these repairs will be going to my Vive Peru fundraiser to go and volunteer abroad this summer.  Please let me know if you are interested!



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