So Basic

“That’s so basic”

Look at that basic girl.  That girl that has no worries in the world and carries Tiffany’s charms on her wrist, eating a kale salad because she has to maintain her perfect bod.

That basic girl that’s drinking Starbucks, doing her math homework at the coffee shop instead of at home because she can’t seem to breathe in her own room because the walls are caving in on her. That basic white girl, Sarah, who joined the volleyball team because when she was little, the only way to connect with her dad was to practice hitting the ball over the net after school.  That basic girl Emily, who loves to sing and finds joy in singing along in the car to the radio because singing is the only way that she truly feels alive without being afraid.  That basic girl, Jessica, who hates when people spit because her brother and his friends used to chase her home from the bus stop spitting in her hair, her clothes, her backpack.  Yeah, she’s so basic…

There are a lot of ways to generalize people and their actions to fit them into to neatly-organized boxes and place them high on the shelf to be labeled, but no person fits under one label.

When you put names and stories to a basic girl, she doesn’t seem so basic anymore.  She seems like a complicated individual; someone with with struggles, with insecurities, with passions, and with a past.



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