A Writer’s Journey was created by Natalie Davis, an aspiring writer who has always wanted to share stories, hers and others, whether they are traveling adventures, short stories, or even movie reviews.  Blogging for the past 5 years, she is finally taking the plunge to create her own site, and she hopes to befriend many aspiring writers who understand and join her on her mission to tell their stories for the world to hear.

Natalie started her first blog as a freshman in high school called Writing Your Own Story to share and construct her first novel about time travel.  Visit the site to read other short stories and excerpts that she has written: Writing Your Own Story

Her second blog was more of a lifestyle platform to leave articles and opinion pieces about movies, college-life, and daily quandaries.  Check out One Day at a Time.

What’s Bumpin’ is a college app that Natalie is currently working with, helping manage their company blog and post about college events that students can partake in.  Check out What’s Bloggin’.

All of these separate projects have helped to inspire the creation of AWritersJourneySite.