Travel Experiences

Traveling is such a big part of finding yourself, finding who you are in a world that is bigger than you can comprehend. Whether you are seeking to find yourself on top of the Himalayas, or make life long friends backpacking through Europe, always capture the moments that leave you breathless, and cherish the people that cross your path.

Peru Here I Come

Join me on my journey as I fundraise my way to Peru to help teach English to underprivileged kids!

Snowboarding trip up at Sunrise

I love Arizona and all of the surprises it has to offer, such as its range in climate and terrain! I love how you can travel 3 hours and run into snow, mountains and forrest.  It is truly amazing!  Check out my video of my snowboarding experience up in Show Low!

Adventures in Dirty 6th

There is no better time of year to visit Austin, Texas, than for a family reunion around Halloween!  Check out my experience

Trip up to Flagstaff

Check out my video of our camping experience up in Flagstaff!

On P.S. Art 2016

By Alexis Moore

The MET is a fantastical odyssey. Years of history, worlds of visual poetry sit – there for you to remember the past, to see yourself more clearly, to exist in a different time and space. It is a vast maze of paintings and people. It is easy to get lost in. I did, of course, and so I found something.

 Starting at Home

By Natalie Davis

Arizona State University has become my home away from home, where I took my first plunge in a new city as an adult!  I knew that when I made my decision to follow my gut and enroll at the Tempe campus at ASU, that I would find myself thrown into a different culture, night-life and level of work, but I was ready for the challenges to come!  I always thought that I would find my college years studying across the country, but I found a world of a difference 90 miles away from my hometown.

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